Offline & Online Editor

About Me

After 5 years at BBC Scotland - the last 3 of them as Senior Editor - I returned to the freelance market at the end of 2015. As much as I loved my time at the BBC, the move to Senior Editor took me away from editing for too much of the year, and it made me realise that my heart belongs to editing, not management!

My skills as an editor cover a lot of genres. Factual, specialist factual, arts, live events, sport, childrens - and I am as comfortable in a 6 week offline edit as I am in a 1 day fast turnaround, or 1 day grade and online.

I believe the reason I'm able to cover so many genres is that I approach editing from a story telling point of view both structually and pictorially, with good technical skills and a friendly attitude. I'm careful about sound editing, and a creative effects editor who is happy to joing a team and adapt to their ways of working.

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